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AMDS manufactures innovative water analysis instrumentation designed to enable a cleaner and safer environment. The company’s patented REX™ – Real-time Elemental XRF system – delivers repeatable, accurate analysis of dissolved toxic metals to low ppb levels – at the source. The system also features automated process stream sampling that can trigger alarms or process changes.


Fluid flow is regulated to 40ml/min where dissolved metal ions are captured onto meso-porous nano-cellular carbon aerogel foam through a process similar to capacitive de-ionization.


No labor force is required and there are no user serviceable parts. Data is delivered via text file format and can be sent to any IP address via Ethernet or wireless device.


Rugged REX On-site Water Monitoring System

  • Can be deployed pre- or post-process

  • Requires no user interface

  • Self-calibrating

  • Self-cleaning

  • Uses no consumables



  • Potable Drinking Water – Purification/Filtering

  • Chemical Processing Industrial Fluids

  • Mining and Petroleum

  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)

  • Waste Water Treatment in-flow and out-flow

  • Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing


REX Unique Capabilities

  • Analysis Time

    • ~15 minutes for low ppm levels

    • ~ 1 hour for low ppb levels

  • Detection from aluminum to uranium

  • Programmable to monitor single elements and expands to cover all EPA regulated metals

  • Output options

    • Text file with concentrations

    • Wireless alerts to phones or computers

    • Satellite uplink

  • End user selects elements to be analyzed and frequency of analysis


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