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Providing businesses, government, and municipalities real-time, accurate, and automated fluid monitoring

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, Real Time Purity (RTP) provides quality fluid monitoring sensitive to parts per billion.

RTP's flagship product, REX - "Real-time Elemental XRF," detects dissolved metals in liquid flow systems in real-time. REX is the only product on the market that is fully automated, and easy to use. Organizations that need to ensure their liquids are consistent rely on REX.

Sage Water is proud to be part of the RTP team of industry experts work with you to identify your need, create the right solutions and provide ongoing management, maintenance, and support. Ensure your liquids maintain the highest purity levels for your needs -- rely on RTP


Rugged REX On-site Water Monitoring System

  • Can be deployed pre- or post-process

  • Requires no user interface

  • Self-calibrating

  • Self-cleaning

  • Uses no consumables



  • Potable Drinking Water – Purification/Filtering

  • Chemical Processing Industrial Fluids

  • Mining and Petroleum

  • Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)

  • Waste Water Treatment in-flow and out-flow

  • Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing


REX Unique Capabilities

  • Analysis Time

    • ~15 minutes for low ppm levels

    • ~ 1 hour for low ppb levels

  • Detection from aluminum to uranium

  • Programmable to monitor single elements and expands to cover all EPA regulated metals

  • Output options

    • Text file with concentrations

    • Wireless alerts to phones or computers

    • Satellite uplink

  • End user selects elements to be analyzed and frequency of analysis


For further information, visit Real Time Purity.


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