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Water. The most precious resource on Earth. Sourcing, treating, distributing, and reclaiming water is essential for our survival. How do we tend this mighty commodity? The task seems insurmountable some days. However, there are experts who have entire careers learning, caring for, and saving water.


Sage Water combines the best of the best. The best people, the best technology, and the best cutting edge solutions in the water management and distribution market. Working with water. One drop at a time.


Sage Water calls the the Global Water Center home. Operated by The Water Council,  the Global Water Center is a water research and business accelerator center located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. To learn more about The Water Council and the Global Water Center, click here.

Mobile: 414-630-0551


A Sage of Water Management


Dennis Webb, a materials engineer and entrepreneur, has more than 30 years in the freshwater distribution and measurement field. He held several high-ranking positions with Badger Meter, a global water and fluid instrumentation firm, including Vice President, Customer Solutions, Vice President, Sales & Marketing and Vice President, Engineering.


If you are looking for workable, affordable solutions to your water management needs, contact Dennis.


Dennis J. Webb Resume

Dennis Webb

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