Sage Water works with some of the most innovating and exciting companies in the water space. Drawing on their combined strengths and knowledge bases, allows Sage Water to present unique yet effective solutions for water management entities worldwide.

American Micro Detection Systems (AMDS)

American Micro Detection Systems (AMDS), manufactures innovative water analysis instrumentation providing repeatable, accurate analysis of dissolved toxic metals at low ppb levels – right at the source.


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Badger Meter is a leading marketer and manufacturer of products using flow measurement and control technologies developed both internally and with other technology companies. Its products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids in a variety of applications


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Reinventing the way we drink water. These iconic Tap Stations make drinking water more fun -- while being great for the environment!


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End-to-end water management cycle training and laboratory facilities for both water professionals and students.


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Telog offers the industry’s leading remote data acquisition system including the most comprehensive family of battery powered, environmentally rugged wireless monitors available from any single supplier.


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