Pyungwha Pipe Industry (PPI)


As a innovator in the PVC pipe industry, PPI has established and advanced the use of PVC for both fresh water delivery and wastewater removal. Headquartered in Hwaseong-Si, South Korea, PPI has several state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities located throughout the world including its groundbreaking iPVC plant in Germany. Now available in North and South America through Sage Water, PPI has solidified its position as the largest PVC pipe manufacturer in the world.

PPI offers a complete line of water management pipes including:

  • Generic pipes

  • Spin pipes

  • DRF

  • 2040 Soundproof pipes - forerunner in drain noise reduction technology


iPVC Water Pipes

Stronger than iron without the rust


Cast iron pipes have been used to convey fresh, clean drinking water for thousands of years. Over time, cast iron pipes corrode and break. Corrosion also contributes to possible water contamination and increased maintenance costs.

PPI created iPVC (impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride), the world’s first PVC pipe, to address both the corrosion and breakage problems of traditional cast iron pipes.

  • Exceeds international standards and satisfies the 100-year durability requirements of ISO 1167-1

  • Enhances both tensile strength and impact pipe strength

  • Aseismic performance tested to Level 5 on the Richter Scale (Magnitude 7) – safe for potential seismic zones, soft ground conditions, and high rise buildings

  • Eco-friendly!



First noise-reducing PVC pipe in the world


iPVC DH2040 PIPE(DWV) high strength sewage pipe system is tested to be five times stronger than cast iron

  • Suitable for high-rise commercial buildings: skyscrapers, apartments, hotels

  • Performance exceeds international standards

  • Drain noise reduction


For more information, please visit the iPCV/PPI website.



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